Dr. Sami Ali

Sami Ali is an emerging artist who credits her passion for painting to her curious nature and her love of a challenge. A Vietnamese refugee, Sami lived in five different states before settling in Alaska, so through the years she learned to be adaptable and find creative outlets for herself. She never shies away from a challenge, so the challenge of alla prima oil painting, especially plein air painting, appealed to her sense of creativity and reward. Her bold and whimsical approach to representational painting contributes to her modern style, as does her textural use of paint and her intuitive sense of color. She loves working in a wide landscape format as she sees the world through this dynamic lens, and she finds portrait painting analogous to completing the Sunday NY Times Crossword. Her 2022 art show, “The Mind of a Healthcare Worker During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” garnered international media attention.
Sami obtained her MD degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine and completed her emergency medicine residency at LSU in Baton Rouge. She is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and continues to practice at the busiest emergency room in Alaska.

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Art During COVID-19