Imelda Viloria

Imelda Viloria

Imelda P. Viloria, BSN, RN, WCC, CFCS, CLWT has been a Staff RN at the Outpatient Wound Center of Providence Alaska Medical Center since 2004. She is certified in wound care, lymphedema care, and foot and nail care. Her passion for wound care has given her opportunities to teach other nurses, medical residents, nursing students, and physical therapy students at the Wound Center and the University of Alaska Anchorage. She addressed physicians on wound care at the Annual Convention of American College of Physicians and Alaska Osteopathic Medical Association in 2015. She presented a poster at the 34th Philippine Nurses Association of America Annual Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013.The rapidly developing field of wound care in addressing limb salvage with specialized bio-engineered tissues and wound dressings proves to be an interesting and exciting area in improving health and quality of life in our communities.

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