Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis grew up in Interior Alaska in a small, rural community, and she knew very early on that she wanted to be a nurse. At the time she graduated from high school, there was only one nursing school option in the state, and it was through UAA. There was about a 3-year wait list to get into the program, so she opted to go out of state to begin her nursing education.

She attended Edison State College in Naples, Florida and graduated with her Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) in 2007. Her bedside nursing experience was primarily in critical care and emergency care. 

After over a decade of working with her ADN, she decided to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She attended the University of Providence, where she obtained her BSN.

She left bedside nursing about six years ago and have worked in the healthcare areas of quality improvement, patient safety, and risk management since then. She holds certification as a professional in healthcare risk management (CPHRM) as well as healthcare quality (CPHQ).

My Sessions

Risk Management